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Sam Owen is a relationship coach, psychologist and author. She is an exciting discovery with excellent credentials and a natural, warm, authoritative manner both on and off screen. Sam is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association for Coaching (AC) and her academic background includes: Psychology BSc (Hons), Diploma in Life Coaching and Certificate in Counselling Skills.

Sam is frequently sought after as a relationship expert by media and brands including BBC TV, ITV, UKTV, BBC Radio, Kenco, Telegraph, Micron Technology, Kimberly-Clark, Hallmark and many more. Due to her expertise, and the results she achieves for clients, she is also often contacted by mainstream media and PR companies to act as a relationship expert and consultant. She is confident and articulate in radio interviews and on live TV shows and is a talented writer. With her specialist expertise and on camera skills Sam is fast becoming a recognised face on TV.

Sam has worked with a major online dating brand as their ‘Partner Psychologist’. She organised and hosted Manchester’s biggest singles night (in association with Elite Singles) where she set up a live relationship coaching booth at the event offering instant advice at your fingertips. The event was ground breaking and caused quite a stir.

Sam’s expertise has led to her to some fascinating opportunities such as counselling inmates at the high security male prison, HMP Strangeways and volunteering for the Samaritans.

Sam originally embarked upon a career in counselling but her understanding of human nature led her to a career in life coaching instead. She knew that coaching (rather than counselling) would enable her to help people in a much more uplifting, solution-focused and goal-focused way. Sam offers relationship coaching to clients regardless of whether they are single or in a relationship, recently divorced, widowed or in their fifties and looking for love again. Her approach combines neuropsychology, behavioural psychology, coaching techniques, counselling skills and modern research… and it works! Clients are given a vast array of tools, skills and insights that will help achieve ideal relationships. As the years go by, they utilise the tools and insights she shares with them and thus become increasingly happier within themselves and grow closer to finding lasting love.

Sam Owen currently has two published books with Orion Publishing with a third on the way, Resilient Me: How to worry less and achieve more, and Anxiety Free: How to trust yourself and feel calm. Resilient Me has enjoyed great success with Anxiety Free looking to follow suit. Sam shares her unique approach backed by a wealth of scientific research, along with lots of easy and fun techniques for readers to apply to their real life.

As a BBC contributor, Sam also frequently shares her expertise on air and is often praised for her on-air manner and clear demonstration of expertise, able to answer many questions, sharing insights with ease. She is also a talented speaker and trainer, having held workshops sharing psychological insights and practical help, including when she spoke at Red Smart Women Week (Sept 2018), sharing tips from Anxiety Free.

Sam has appeared on BBC Breakfast and on BBC's The One Show, as well as on the upcoming digital platform BBC Idea, in addition to ITV's This Morning and an eight-part video series for Telegraph.

Sam has also set up a website for her training/workshops -

Sam comes from a big family with many varied personalities and relationship dynamics. As someone who has long been fascinated by human behaviour and human relationships, this experience has really served her well!