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Chef and Owner of Bocca Di Lupo

Traditional Gelateria - Gelupo

Author of The Geometry of Pasta 

Chef and Owner of Vico 

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Jacob's Story

Jacob Kenedy is one of London’s leading restaurateurs. In late 2008 he and his business partner, Victor Hugo, opened their first – and now award-winning – independent restaurant venture, Bocca di Lupo on Archer Street, Soho. Having pioneered the “sharing small plates” at Bocca di Lupo this restaurant, now 9 years old, continues to be a Soho favourite and is still difficult to book a table there at short notice. Jacob went on to open Gelupo, a traditional gelateria, in 2010 directly across the other side of the street, it serves the finest gelato in London using the freshest ingredients every day. 2015 saw the opening of contemporary Italian VICO on bustling Cambridge Circus. VICO serves authentic, delicious and inexpensive Italian cuisine in a dramatic urban setting – Italian food for the future.

Jacob’s latest project is Plaquemine Lock which will be one of the first locations serving Cajun and Creole food from Louisana in a new burgeoning culinary interest for the Southern traditional food of the USA in the UK. Plaquemine Lock; a pub located on the banks of Regent’s Canal in Angel is due to open to the public in spring 2017.

Kenedy was previously head chef at Moro before moving to Boulevard in San Francisco. Described by Sam Clark of Moro as ‘a formidable presence in the kitchen’ and by Nancy Oakes of Boulevard as ‘the most gifted natural cook I have worked with’, Kenedy gained a wealth of experience cooking and learning about the restaurant business prior to setting up his own dream project.

Over a period of ten years, Jacob Kenedy had previously been integral to the success of Moro, retaining close links with the Clarks. He was also a major contributor to the best-selling Moro cookbooks. Prior to that he was ‘visiting executive chef’ at Boulevard in San Francisco, in addition to consulting on the award winning Boulevard cookbook. Boulevard was awarded a Michelin star following Jacob’s last stint cooking at the restaurant.

Jacob’s meticulous attention to detail is seen throughout his entire offering and his firm but fair approach to all his businesses makes for happy staff and a good convivial atmosphere no matter which of his venues you visit.

Jacob is confident and clever, with an intimate knowledge of all his restaurants.  This isn’t a “get it right then roll them out” restaurateur – Jacob creates a unique space with each new business that answers a call to what is needed locally, but also adds meaningful texture to London’s overall food offering.  This, and the success of the restaurants he owns, are what has earned him an enduring respect from his peers.

Located in the heart of theatre land, the buzzing and vibrant atmosphere in both the restaurants and gelateria’s combined with award winning well-judged menus, have resulted in Kenedy’s wide media acclaim to date and overall popularity.

Jacob has also written two successful cookbooks: The Geometry of Pasta which has over 100 authentic recipes from Jacob that reveal the science, history and philosophy behind spectacular pasta dishes from all over Italy. Jacob’s second book Bocca: Cookbook follows Jacob’s journey travelling the length and breadth of Italy over the course of a year, gathering up his favourite recipes – like the menu at Bocca di Lupo, this book is a thrilling, exotic journey through the true flavours of Italy.

Bocca di Lupo was awarded first place in Time Out’s ‘London’s Greatest Restaurants’ in 2009.

‘Bocca di Lupo I went to only yesterday, and my tongue is still singing, my lip quivering, my brain dancing.’
‘The dishes are rustic, regional, absolutely untranslated, utterly authentic, unbelievably winning’.
‘Bocca di Lupo is just bloody marvellous.’
Giles Coren, The Times

‘Bocca di Lupo is proof of how far Italian food, our expectations and palates have come in a generation’.
AA Gill, Sunday Times Style